“I want to write and publish a book but I don’t know where to start”.

The Authors Journey book will help you start and finish your Author Journey – in 12 easy steps, helping you avoid all of the expensive traps, pot-holes, diversions and time-wasters along the way.

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Why would you, as an aspiring author, want this book?

  • The Authors Journey is a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know in one book, saving you time and effort.

  • Concentrated expert advice from those who have completed the journey, multiple times without the massive price tag.

  • Romance is for writers a product is for authors – your book is a product, learn how to make your book a superior product.

  • Before you spend any time or money on learning how to become an author – buy The Authors Journey book! Most writers fail to complete their work – this book will help you get yours done and onto your readers bookshelf.

What is the magic behind the Author’s Journey?

‘Once upon a time, there was a magic fairy wand. Every author who ever wrote a book would find the magic wand as soon as they had finished writing their last sentence. This magic wand would then automatically market, price, distribute and sell their book for them. Not only would the magic wand do this, but it would also continue to market their book until the author had gotten millions in the bank from the sale of just one book’.

Have you guessed that this is a fairy tale yet?

We are sorry to disappoint you if you think writing your book is the only thing you have to do. After all it’s not going to sell itself, unless you are an established author, with a team around you who can wear all of the different hats needed. But till then, to sell even one copy, you’re going to have to learn ‘how’ to do all of those things yourself and over time, build a team around you that you know, like and trust.

The Authors Journey Book – will guide you on your writing and book-selling journey. With 12 steps to help you avoid the pot-holes, the forks in the road and the unnecessary distractions along the way, it will help you save time, angst and money.

About the Authors

In writing their book – The Authors Journey – David and Mandy offer a guiding hand on your journey to becoming an Author. David brings the publishing guidance, having helped many authors with book design and the intracacies of the technical aspects of turning a document into a book. Mandy brings the knowledge acquired from her own author journey – the frustrations, the learning and the steps it takes to become an author. Together they have the combined knowledge, experience and expertise that will help you save time, angst and money when you set out on your journey to becoming an author.

Having experienced the frustrations along the way to becoming published, they want to make sure that your journey is as smooth, stress-free and as cost-effective as possible, whilst avoiding the traps that await the unsuspecting and un-knowing author.