Introducing Steve Attridge –
Author of ‘The Urban Fox’

We’ve been working with Steve on an exciting new series of books for children that feature a character called ‘The Urban Fox’. Steve has a long list of books, TV shows, Screenplays, Films and projects under his belt and as we speak is busy writing the 2nd in the Urban Fox series.

The idea for the Urban Fox story came to Steve when a set of coincidences prompted the idea. He’d been sitting in a pub called ‘The Urban Fox’. There was a painting on the wall of a regal fox and then on the way home a fox ran out in front of his car and as Steve breaked to miss the fox, the fox stopped and stared at Steve through the windscreen for a few seconds before darting off into the woods.

The next day Steve was enjoying a coffee and pondering on the plight of animals and how they’d had to adapt to the world that humans are creating to be able to survive.

The Urban Fox is a lovable rogue and the main character. Steve describes him as a cross between ‘James Bond’ and the ‘Artful Dodger’ Joining him is his faithful friend Reg – the albino hedgehog. Other characters include a hen called Doris Dupont who wears pincnez, an entitled ‘Insta’ famous cat called Whiskey who spends most of her time on ‘WhatsUp’. She keeps her paws on the pulse of what’s happening in the neighbourhood and is a good friend to the Fox, but would not care to admit it. The arch enemy RapArat and his gang are always skulking around, scaring some of the other animals featured in the book and taking advantage at every opportunity they can.

The first in the series of ‘The Urban Fox’ launches on 5th Nov and where better to see the book than ‘Fox’s Bookshop’ in Leicester?

Fox’s Bookshop – Leicester

I met Ieuan the owner of Fox’s books which celebrated it’s 2nd birthday in May this year. Set in a lovely little courtyard, surrounding by indie cafes this bookshop has a warm welcome for everyone. Ieuan holds book launches and is fully supportive of independent authors who self-publish.

With 25+ books behind him and a career in writing that has seen him work with Rod Stewart, the BBC and in film and Theatre. Steve loves writing for children and this series of books is aimed at children from 7/8 upwards to 93 and beyond. Steve doesn’t like to write ‘down’ to children instead he prefers to entertain the child, whether that’s a 7 year old or the child in a grown up. His books entertain and eductate and with the vital message of caring for and ensuring the longevity of the animals who now live around and amongst us.

You can buy the book here and you can contact the author –
Steve and learn more about his books here.

A book called The Urban Fox by Steve Attridge

Iuean and his wonderful bookshop support a wide range of events including books of the month, children’s book of the month, National Book Tokens, Leicester Comedy Festival and regular talks by local, national and international authors.

If you’re looking for a hidden book paradise in the heart of Leicester – this is it. It’s a charming independent bookshop with Ieuan, the resident book expert, brimming with knowledge and a passion for all things written. Ieuan is a big supporter of self-published authors and there are plans for Steve to visit Fox’s books, with his ‘Urban Fox’ books in half term next year. Watch this space for more news of all things Foxes!

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