Introducing Richard Butcher –
Author of the “Rex Harrington” Books

We started working with Richard back in 2021 and his first book ‘Winds of Change’ was published on Amazon on 7th Jan 2022.

There are many types of writer in terms of how they get the job done. Some procrastinate, some will tell you that ‘Writers Block’ is a thing, some tell everyone about the book that they are writing and months, sometimes years later that book still isn’t anywhere near finished.

Richard isn’t any of those. He’s a fast writer. No messing. No faff. He sets out the time and gets the job done. He’s a writing machine. Having always enjoyed action and adventure stories, he set out to write his own stories during lockdown. Having travelled the world with his ‘day job’, Richard is well positioned from his everyday travels.

‘Rex Harrington’ is the MI6 agent who, with all the experience, knowledge, gadget and toys anyone could wish for, goes out and ‘saves the world’ from a wide array of baddies. Rex is the man you’d walk past on the street but never guess what he did for a living. He’s a ‘good bloke’ who always takes an interest in you and what you are up to. He gets to know you, he builds rapport easily, and he’s streetwise. Having a low-level lifestyle when he’s back home, he’s no show-off. He’s a ‘boy next door type’.

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He is reliable, honest and trustworthy and he always does the right thing. He’s a good guy to have on your side and if ever there’s trouble for any of his friends or loved ones, he gets it ‘sorted’.

Richards’ books are always topical and on point in that they mirror a lot of what is going on in the world today, or at least what we suspect might be going on behind closed doors. Always with plenty of action and adventure. And sometimes romance. Always with intrigue, twists, and turns and not always with a ‘they lived happily ever after’ ending.

It’s fun working with a wide range of authors, and Richard certainly keeps us on our toes. We think his books keep the readers on their toes too.

You can learn more about Richard and his Rex Harrington characters and buy his books here.

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