Content Polishing & Project Planning

Book Completion 10%

Content Polishing

Writing a book is not an easy task. There is far more to it than most aspiring authors realise, which is why we’ve taken steps to help you get it right from the beginning.

The first intervention we make in your book writing process is to work with you to ‘polish up’ the text of your manuscript. (The raw text of your book.) Examining the premise of your writing, the style, the ‘storyboard’ and more, we help you ensure the project actually works as a piece of writing.

Project Planning

Like any other complex and difficult task, writing a book requires a solid plan, with objectives, timelines and structured inputs. This is why we work with you using an ISHIKAWA style planning template to structure your work.

This ‘fishbone’ style planning tool enables us to intervene with you at the right time, in the right places, in the right way – providing you the best chance to maintain writing discipline and get your book typed up and ready to go.