Book Completion 80%

Form & Function Perfectly Balanced

Typesetting is often misunderstood, and is very much an expert topic. It sounds like simply putting words on a page, but it is far more complex task than that. There is a specific theory to laying out a book:

How many words per line?
How many lines per page?
What size text would be best for your book?

With TBWR’s process, we ensure that these questions are answered for you whilst providing you with the highest standard book, both in print and digital forms.

How TBWR Typesetting Works

  • Our typesetter will suggest the best size for your book, matching the target market your book sits in.
  • You will be presented with a choice of typefaces, so you can have one that suits the ‘feeling’ you’ve got towards your writing.
  • Using one of our well crafted templates, TBWR will take your raw Word document and format it to the highest standards.
  • Once complete, you will be supplied with a PDF proof of the work for you to gleefully review.
  • If you feel that any changes need to be made to the look and formatting of the book typeface or layout, this is the time to make those suggestions. Once any changes have been made, we will finalise the proof and prepare it for final proofreading.
  • Once the proofreading has been completed, the final proof will be supplied for printing or for upload to your chosen book merchandising platform.
  • The digital book will also be completed, and you will be supplied with a EPUB and MOBI files which work on any e-reader.