Writing Partnership

Book Completion 20%

Get Support With Writing

At TBWR we believe that any committed writer can typically complete the raw form of a book in SIX MONTHS. Sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way, after all life can be unpredictable – so it’s not a rule, just a guide.

Which is why we have created a partnership programme for you with our fantastically experienced and friendly Book Mentor Mandy Ward, to ensure that you have a capable guide on your journery into authoring.

Be very clear, this is NOT a creative writing support service (watch this space, as one will be arriving soon!), this is about getting help with the ‘nuts and bolts’ of writing a book whilst you are actually writing it. It answers questions like:

How long should I spend writing per day?
What software should I use for writing?
How do I keep my work safe when I am deep into it?
How often should I review my direction?
…and much more…

Partnership Sessions

The Writing Partnership operates via online video conferencing and collaborations using the ZOOM platform.

You will be able to book ONE HOUR sessions, TWICE per month, over SIX MONTHS. This means you will have twelve opportunities to get expert support and direction in managing your book project.