Proof Reading

Book Completion 90%

The Human Element

Your book manuscript could be a masterful piece of writing. It could be complex, nuanced and intelligent. It could also be completely unreadable to a typical, average human being. So how do you ensure that your literary creation is actually accessible to your adoring fans?


TBWR has a team of proofreading experts available and on hand to tie up all of the loose ends in your manuscript. Our team ensures that it is:

  • Readable. (By Humans)
  • Understandable. (By Humans)
  • Enjoyable. (By Humans)
  • Functional As A Narrative. (Regardless Of Human Status)

Most importantly of all, our proofreaders ensure that there are no ‘gotcha’ moments for you just after your book is published. You know… “There’s a typo on Page 4”. That sort of thing.

When does Proofreading happen?

*The ‘Break’ – Before you can typeset your book, or even proofread it yourself… you need to get some distance between you and your work. You’ll be able to come back with fresh eyes, and spot the mistakes you’ve made easily and clearly. Only then should you seek an external viewpoint.

BEFORE TYPESETTING: Typesetting is a complex, difficult and specialist task. Which is why if it turns out to be performed with the wrong content, it’s an expensive mistake. So we get it done before Typesetting to iron out the majority of the issues.

AFTER TYPESETTING: Once you’ve had the manuscript typeset, it’s almost inevitable that some errors will slip through. But even more likely, is that you’ll have some last minute inspirations that will occur to you, and that you’ll want in the book. But they cannot go in untested, and unrefined. They need to pass muster with a proofreader, which is why your book is proofread AFTER being typeset as well.